Triangles in AQE test maths – properties, angles and area

You should expect a few questions in the transfer test every year about the properties, angles and area of triangles.

Here’s what you need to know about triangles.

Angles of a triangle

The angles of all triangles add up to 180°.

Types of triangle

Right-angled triangle

right-angled triangle transfer test tips aqe test maths

Has one right-angle (angle of 90°).

Equilateral triangle

equilateral triangle transfer test tips aqe test maths

All sides are equal.

All angles are equal (angles of 60°).

Isosceles triangle

isosceles triangle transfer test tips aqe test maths

Two equal sides and two equal angles.

This is the triangle that looks a bit like a witch’s hat! Although don’t forget it can be pointing down or sideways!

Scalene triangle

scalene triangle transfer test tips aqe test maths

No sides or angles are the same.

Questions about properties and angles of triangles

You might be given one or two of the angles in a triangle, and asked to work out one or more of the other angles.

Remember – all the angles add up to 180°.

You will be given enough information about the other angle(s) to calculate your answer. It will depend on you remembering which angles are equal in which type of triangle. That’s why you need to learn the types of triangle above very carefully.

Area of a triangle

You also need to be able to work out the area of a triangle.

You can calculate this by calculating half of the base x the height.

Often the triangle will be drawn inside a rectangle, with the corners of the triangle touching the rectangle. That gives you a n easy way to work out the area of the triangle – you just calculate the area of the rectangle and then divide it in two.

Now have a go at some typical questions on triangles in our quiz.

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