How to learn the most from school Open Days before AQE Transfer Test


Visit school open days during P6 if you can.

Most schools hold Open Days during a few weeks in January. You’ll find dates on each school’s website.

Get along to the schools you are considering. The Principal usually gives a talk, and often pupils offer a tour, so ask them lots of questions. Make sure you see the sports facilities/music rooms/science labs/whatever your child is interested in.

Some mature kids might step back and offer a reasoned view on the school’s facilities. However, most 10- and 11-year olds judge a school on Open Day by this –

  • Quality of buns in the Home Economics department.
  • Explosive potential of experiments in the science lab.
  • Whether it looks like fun – can they picture themselves here?

Try not to fix on one school only – open your mind to others – and don’t make snap judgements on the day. You can always come back for another look, or browse the school’s website.

Top school open days tip for P6 parents

Open Days are not just for P7s who have already taken their Transfer Test. They are really important for P6s – take them along so they can get excited about the next school, and understand why they need to focus on the work to come. For many kids, reminding them about the schools they loved is enough to keep them motivated this year.

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