AQE Test nutrition: the perfect transfer test snack?

Slow-release energy in oats, plus a real sugar hit!
Slow-release energy in oats, plus a real sugar hit!

If you’re looking for good AQE test nutrition, breaktime on practice test day is the perfect opportunity to experiment with some “brain food”.

If pre- AQE test jitters get the better of your child, you might wonder what to feed them to keep them going.

Sometimes if you’re nervous, your appetite suffers.

We found the perfect solution for AQE test nutrition with these flapjacks.

We’ll never know whether they gave a physical or psychological boost, but they became such a favourite, they’re still called AQE flapjacks in our world!

AQE test snack with slow release energy

The oats give plenty of slow release energy, while the sweetness gives an instant boost. These went in the schoolbag for breaktimes before practice tests, and were also the preferred picnic on car journeys to actual test days.

Here’s the recipe. It makes about 12 good-sized flapjacks (enough for a couple of days then!).

It’s the work of moments to throw them together, and they are (probably!) no more sugary than plenty of cereals or granola bars. Wouldn’t recommend you eat too many yourselves, but the kids seem to burn them off.

AQE Flapjacks

Preheat oven to 180.

Melt 175g butter, 1 tbsp golden syrup, 85g light brown sugar and 1 tsp vanilla extract in a saucepan. Takes less than 5 minutes on a low heat.

Take off the heat and stir in 40g plain flour and 190g oats.

Now the creative bit – add whatever else you fancy. We’ve tried raisins, choc chips, dried apricots, seeds, mashed banana, cranberries. Just throw in a good handful or two – you don’t need to be very precise.

Squash the mixture into a square tin, around 20 x 20 cm. Again, you don’t need to be too precise. Bake for around 20 minutes until they’re golden.

They’re easiest to cut when they’re still in the tin (use silicone bakeware so you don’t scratch it). Let them cool a little, then prise them out. You usually get a few little crumbly bits as you separate them. These MUST be eaten immediately by the bakers …

Don’t know how they’d fare in a Bake Off, but they’re delicious and packed with energy.

Looking for more AQE test snacks?

For more interesting info about nutrition for testing times, read this post about food that may boost your memory. Bring on the blueberries …

Our site is full of information about helping your child achieve their potential in the AQE Transfer Test, including our 30 minute workbooks.







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