AQE Maths Multiplication tables – learning the basics

Multiplication, or your times tables, are the building blocks for lots of your AQE maths multiplication. That’s why you will be quicker and more accurate in your test if you know them inside out, and back to front! You need to learn up to 12 × 12.

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How to learn your AQE Maths multiplication tables

If you don’t know your times tables really well, it will slow you down. FACT.

So, you’ve got to practise, practise and then practise some more.

Practise when you’re in the car. If you learn better by listening, you can get times tables CDs. If you’re musical, learn some times tables songs. We like the look of this rock version! Bit more grown-up than the singalong early years ones isn’t it?

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Use your senses to learn your tables. Try drawing them, writing them, saying them, hearing them (let’s draw the line at tasting or smelling them!).


Get an AQE Maths multiplication square

We really recommend you get one of these. You can make your own on the computer, or draw one on paper, or buy a poster and keep it where you can see it every day.

Here’s what a multiplication square looks like.

Practise Maths word problems Not all AQE Maths questions are written as word problems, but plenty are. You need to read carefully to do Maths. Take your time to underline the important words in the question. There’s no point using all your skills to do a perfect calculation, if you haven’t answered the right question. It’s like digging the exact hole you need to plant your tree, in the WRONG GARDEN!!

By the way, the green numbers are all the square numbers.

We like this poster too, as it goes all the way up to 12, and it’s super-colourful and not expensive.

Multiplication square from Amazon £2.95

Try a game – we like Times Tables snap. Quick to play and a bit of fun. Kids can compete well against their parents –

Brain Box Times tables snap transfer test tips
Brain Box Times Tables snap, Amazon £2.99


Test yourself on your tables, a line at a time. Close your eyes and see if you can remember them, first of all in order, then at random. Get someone else to ask you them too. And don’t worry if you don’t get them all right first time. We all make mistakes, that’s how we learn new things.

See how fast you can be, while keeping the answers all correct. The more you practise, the more you’ll see that the correct answer just rises to the surface of your brain when you say the question to yourself. Think of it like training for a running race. You’ll get a little bit faster each time you practise. And the more you practise, the better you’ll get.

As your times tables get more accurate, and you get quicker at recalling the answer, you’ll find that you can speed up answering maths questions. In fact, once you know your times tables really well, you’ll also know all the Factors you need for AQE, and all your Square numbers. How’s that for multi-tasking? Well done!

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