How can cushions and fairy lights improve AQE scores?

Fairy lights reading nook

Can some quick home reorganisation really help improve AQE scores?

Maybe, if that means creating a space where your child loves to read. More time spent reading is one of the best ways to improve AQE scores, especially in the English sections.

Old cushions and fairy lights add up to a special reading nook. This is a surprisingly easy project for a spare corner of your home.

Reading will make your child’s world bigger, their vocabulary wider and may raise their performance in the AQE Transfer Test.

Why is reading a great way to improve AQE scores?

In a nutshell – here’s why. Half the marks in the AQE test are for English. There are three English passages in each test, and the questions are all about understanding what you have read.

(The fourth English section is about finding mistakes in the text, so is slightly different). 

Easy, free way to inspire reluctant readers

Your child’s new reading nook needn’t cost anything at all – just use what you’ve got. Assemble a few old cushions or beanbags, a bookcase that’s past its best and a lamp. Better still, string up the Christmas fairy lights you haven’t put back in the attic yet!

Let your child style it up themselves with pictures and their own treasures. Load it with library books (for free), football magazines, recipe books, joke books or novels. Finally, encourage them to spend some time there regularly. Reading a little bit every day is a great habit for schoolwork and for life.

What makes me think I’m smart?

I am a professional writer and have been through the process as a parent and AQE Marker. Instead of using a tutor, I worked at home with my children. This gave me a few tricks up my sleeve for remembering tricky topics and staying motivated.

Our site is full of information about helping your child achieve their potential in the AQE Transfer Test, including our 30 minute workbooks.







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