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Thanks for getting stuck into our Basic Skills Bootcamp. This online course aims to help you get 5 reliable points in every test, all from great knowledge of your English Basic Skills.

The course covers everything you need to know for section 2 of AQE English – the proofreading passage. It covers essential punctuation (question marks, commas and apostrophes), homophones and spelling. You can also download three original Basic Skills practice passages.

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What is the AQE Test Basic Skills passage?

The Basic Skills passage is a passage with numbered lines at the sides. It contains mistakes, and your job is to find them.

How many points for the AQE Test Basic Skills passage?

This section is worth five points. It contains five  multiple-choice questions. You have a choice of four options for each question, and your job is to identify which line in the passage contains the mistake.

What Basic Skills are tested?

You need to be able to identify –

  • missing or incorrect apostrophes
  • incorrect homophones
  • incorrect punctuation – especially commas and question marks
  • spelling errors


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