Why you shouldn’t panic about AQE Transfer Test prep

and breathe ...
and breathe …

If the thought of AQE Transfer Test  prep makes you want to breathe into a paper bag, read on.

First things first about AQE Transfer Test prep

Follow us to keep you focused and stress-free.

Our site is full of information about helping your child achieve their potential in the AQE Transfer Test, including our 30 minute workbooks.


As a parents facing AQE Transfer Test prep with your child, you might wonder –

  • How to strike the balance between effective work and downtime.
  • Whether your child needs a tutor, and how to choose one.
  • How to support your child at home and keeping them (and you) motivated (hint – mainly low level bribery!).
  • How to reinforce learning at home.
  • Whether exercise, nutrition and good sleep patterns can keep you all calm.
  • About handy ways to remember tricky topics.

Top tip for the AQE Transfer Test year

Don’t talk about the test endlessly in front of your child. Find an outlet – your friends, online, Facebook. The best people to grumble with are other parents in the same situation. Another tip (you’re welcome!). Other people are just not that interested. However, they will say helpful things like “Oooh, P6 – that’s a big year of hard work.”

What makes me think I’m smart?

I have been through the process as a parent and AQE Marker. Instead of using a tutor, I worked at home with my children, so I have a few tricks up my sleeve for remembering tricky topics and staying motivated.




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