AQE Transfer Test preparation – quick checklist before you start an AQE test

As AQE Transfer Test approaches, it’s good to have a plan that includes test preparation – things to think about before you write anything. You could take a quick look at this checklist on the day of your practice tests, and soon it will be fixed your mind.

So think about this AQE Transfer Test preparation before you write –

  • Got two sharp pencils and a rubber?
  • Read every question carefully.
  • Check the page numbers as you turn each page, to make sure you don’t leave any out.
  • Important information will be in BOLD.
  • Remember that almost everyone will find parts of the AQE Transfer Test difficult.
  • If you get stuck, move on and come back at the end – sometimes the method or answer will be obvious then. Put a big mark/star/circle at the questions you want to go back to – it’s fine to mark your test paper like this.
  • When choosing a spelling, making new words, changing tenses, if you’re not sure then write the word down a few different ways – the correct one might jump out at you from the page.
  • Don’t leave any answers blank – if you have no idea, try a clever guess.
  • Write and correct your answers reasonably neatly.
  • Check how many boxes you need to tick in those ‘tick the box’ questions – sometimes it’s more than one.

You’ll probably not get all of these things right first time, but that’s what practice is for. Don’t worry about making mistakes, that’s how we all learn. Gradually you’ll find that good test preparation will help you improve.

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