AQE Test English – what you need to know

What English skills do you need?

AQE Test English has four sections – three comprehension passages plus a Basic Skills/proofreading section (find the mistakes).

Section 1 AQE Test English

The first comprehension is usually a poem followed by seven questions.

Section 2

Section 2 is a Basic Skills (proofreading) passage, where you find the mistakes. It is multiple choice – you are given a choice of four answers and have to pick the correct one. There are five questions in this section, and it is probably the easiest English to practise for the test.

  • apostrophes
  • punctuation, especially capital letters, commas and question marks
  • homophones
  • spelling mistakes

Section 3

Passage 3 is usually another poem followed by seven questions.

Section 4 AQE Test English

Passage 4 is usually a prose passage – it’s often the longest to read with the trickiest questions. If you have spare checking time at the end of the test, we often recommend you check this section first simply because it is frequently the most challenging.

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