AQE Test alphabetical order – how to do it right every time

In every year’s AQE test, there’s a point or two available for knowing about alphabetical order. That just means putting words in order according to the letters of the alphabet. This doesn’t really require any flair for English – you just need to be methodical and check carefully as you decide the order.

Questions about alphabetical order in AQE Test

Usually you will be given five words to put in order, and often the first word will be done for you already.

Unless the question says BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR SPELLING, you should not lose any marks for small spellings errors as you copy the words down, provided the words you choose are clear and recognisable.

Usually AQE questions on alphabetical order will contain some or all words beginning with the same letter.  That means you need to work your way carefully through each of the following letters.

To be sure of getting the order right every time, underline each letter as you go. So, first of all, underline letter one and see if that helps with the order, then letter two … and so on, until you’ve got the words in order.

Cross off the words as you put them in order.

If you find it tricky to work your way through the letters, quickly jot down the alphabet beside the question – that will help you lots.

Ready to learn some good checking tips to help you get rid of silly mistakes in the transfer test?

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