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Transfer Test Tips can help you move through transfer test preparation, topic by topic, step by step.

We help parents and pupils get through the test process with smiles intact! The site is designed for parents (or tutors/teachers) who want to help their students learn ALL the English and Maths topics needed in a step-by-step way, little by little, over several months.

The website covers EVERYTHING needed for the test, one topic at a time –

  • What you need to know
  • Top tips to help remember key information
  • Hints about typical questions on each topic
  • Quiz on each topic

Each topic and quiz is designed with a child-reader in mind.

This site is written by Sue, a professional writer and transfer test parent-of-three, with a PhD and MA from Oxford University.

Sue was also an AQE test marker for several years.

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email Sue  info@transfertesttips.co.uk