Timetable quiz

Welcome to your Timetable quiz

A film lasts for 2 hours and 20 minutes. Another film lasts for 1 hour and 55 minutes. How long do the two films last if you watch one immediately after the other? Give your answer in minutes.

The two films last for minutes.

Mark starts a bus journey at 16:40. He travels for 150 minutes. At what time did Mark finish his journey? Give your answer using the 12 hour clock.

Mark's journey lasts until pm.

A train leaves London at 19:25 and arrives in Oxford at 21:10. How long does the journey take?
It takes 3 hours and 40 minutes to drive to Cork. What is the journey time in minutes?

Answer - the journey lasts for minutes.
A TV programme lasted for 130 minutes. It finished at 15:00. What time did it start at? Give your answer using the 12-hour clock.

Answer - it started at .

Each half of a school rugby match lasts for 35 minutes. The half-time break lasts for 10 minutes. Extra time is added at the end for delays. The match starts at 15:10. It finished at 16:37. How much extra time was added at the end of the match? Give your answer in minutes.

Answer - extra time added was minutes.
Bus A leaves Belfast at 09:15 and arrives in Ballymena at 11:04.

Bus B leaves Belfast at 11:55 and arrives in Ballymena at 13:26.

Bus C leaves Belfast at 15:33 and arrives in Ballymena at 17:25.

Which of the buses takes the longest time to travel from Belfast to Ballymena?