Perfect P7 presents for after AQE Test

Original present ideas for your P7
Original present ideas for your P7

Looking for some P7 presents? Here’s a fun post for parents of P7s, with some ideas for presents that might help them get ready to move on to Big School!

Many parents like to treat their kids to something special after AQE. Of course, there’s also that small matter of Christmas looming too. This ideas list doesn’t deal with grand gestures like iPhones and quad bikes, or whatever else rings your bell and bleeds your bank account dry!

We’re thinking here of thoughtful, inexpensive gifts that help make the move from P7 a bit more fun. Nothing too high-tech here, just ideas for interesting, thoughtful gifts. Apart from one idea, everything is under £20.

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If you’re really keen, you could do a post-AQE test hamper for your student, featuring a few of these.


P7 presents – the best travel books for children

If you’re planning a holiday, or have a dream trip in mind, these are the most collectible, beautifully illustrated travel books for kids ever published. Created by Miroslav Sasek, they’re now more than 50 years old, but all the better for it.

Waterstones online has a good selection of destinations. You’ll also find them on Amazon (with the added bonus of looking inside before you buy).

The illustrations are stunning and you can discover some gems. Did you know that in Ireland there are fewer people than cattle? (Or at least there were in the 50s)

sasek london
Miroslav Sasek, This is London.


Fountain pen

Old school, a bit retro, but surprisingly popular with this age group!

You can get great quality, inexpensive fountain pens from Lamy in bright colours (£10-15 online). We like the Lamy Safari in neon yellow.



Lamy safari
Lamy Safari fountain pen



House keys, locker keys … when you’re growing up and getting responsible, you need a keyring.

You could get creative and make your own at one of the online photo processors like Snapfish. Or personalise a keyring from around £5 at NotontheHighStreet.

We like this pastel personalised keyring at NotontheHighStreet (£12.50) –  


Thought about Home Economics lately? You’ll be hearing more about it next year. Gone are the 80s, when the girls cooked and sewed and the boys did Tech. Thankfully!

Cooking is a brand new skill for plenty of 10 and 11-year olds, but encouraging your child to learn is a win/win situation for all the family. The tidying up improves only with time …

This Usborne book looks good. It’s got easy, step-by-step, illustrated instructions, covering everything from pasta to cookies (Amazon £10.49).



Alarm clock

Mornings will probably get a whole lot earlier from next September, so you may as well get ready.

Lots of people use their mobiles as alarm clocks, but if you’re planning to insist on a screen-free bedroom, an alarm clock is handy.

The Aurora one gives a soothing, coloured glow. If you tap it, it’s also a bedside lamp (Amazon £10.82).


aurora clock
Aurora alarm clock


Design your own Converse

This is a great project for your child. Unleash their inner creativity by designing their own shoes. Customised Converse take 3-4 weeks from design to delivery. Prices start at £54 and you can choose your colours, prints, laces, stitching, eyelets. You can even add your own wording to the shoe.


Customised Converse shoes


Hope that’s given you a few ideas for post-AQE or Christmas. Feel free to add your own ideas in the Comments. Anything surprising or original really worked as a P7 present in your house?


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