Transfer Test AQE resources we love

Are you looking for some AQE resources to back up learning in class? Here are a few things we have tried and can recommend.

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Our site is full of information about helping your child achieve their potential in the AQE Transfer Test. Lots of our tips are free. We also offer Premium membership, which gives you access to all our revision tips on maths and english topics, quizzes and checklists.


Maths resources

We love the Schofield and Sims workbooks for both Maths and English. We believe they’re quite popular with teachers too. You can order them yourself, and pick workbooks on topics that your child may be struggling with. Search for ‘Key Stage Two’ in the title. We love the Problem Solving series of four books for revising general AQE Maths.

Specific workbooks also cover problem areas, much like this one on Decimals and Percentages. This makes it easy for you to pick out AQE resources for topics that need extra work.

Not only was she a trooper in the jungle, Carol Vorderman is also behind some handy Maths books.

The 10 Minutes A Day Maths series is good fun, as it comes with a little timer attached to the book. The pages are full of timed challenges covering numbers, shapes, data and measures. It’s a good book for working on test timing too, as you work against the clock. As each little challenge is only 10 minutes long, it’s not too painful for reluctant workers.

English resources

We love this series called Words are Categorical. It includes individual books on nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs (the four parts of speech your child needs to know for AQE). This one is all about nouns. The silly rhymes are pretty memorable and definitely help reinforce the concept.

Good books encourage good reading habits, and therefore better English skills. Here are a few appealing ones we discovered recently.

Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman is a visual introduction to the natural world – perfect AQE resources for those starting science next year and really beautifully illustrated.

Lots of children still prefer more visual reading material, even at this age. So it’s great to find novels or stories with a strong illustrated element. This visual biography of Einstein fits the bill perfectly.

Specific AQE resources

Of course, we also recommend our own AQE resources. Transfer Test Tips publishes ebooks you can download and print, covering English and Maths (Number) skills, tips and sample questions. Click here to find out more.