AQE Test essentials – what to bring to test days

Just a short checklist of AQE Test essentials – the things you should bring along on test Saturdays.

 AQE Test essentials

  • Admissions card
  • Two pencils
  • Rubber
  • Tissues

Snack and a drink for the journey

These are strictly for before the test – you can’t bring either of these in with you. However, if your child is thirsty, water is available in every room.

And what not to bring …

You can’t bring any of these into the test room –

  • Mobile phone
  • Calculator
  • Drinks
  • Food
  • Rulers
  • Watches
  • Pencil case

Get packed

That’s it – a very short packing list!

Why not package these AQE Test essentials up in a see-through plastic bag or folder, so it’s all ready for test Saturdays? You can’t bring a pencil case into the test, so it’s a good idea to bag them, airport-security style!

There should be spare pencils and rubbers in each room for anyone who needs them.

One final AQE Test essential

Your sense of humour!

Invaluable for staying calm and raising a pre-test smile.

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